Sales de epsom mercadona

Sales de epsom mercadona

Epsom salts contraindications

Epsom salts is a popular remedy for many ailments. People use it to relieve health problems, such as muscle pain and stress. It is also affordable, easy to use and harmless when used properly.
Adults are generally advised to take 2-6 teaspoons (10-30 grams) of Epsom salt at a time, dissolved in at least 250 ml of water and consumed immediately. A laxative effect can be expected within 30 minutes to 6 hours.
Some cases of magnesium overdose have been reported, in which people took too much Epsom salt. Symptoms include nausea, headache, dizziness and flushing of the skin.
Unless you have a doctor’s consent, never take more than the upper intake limit indicated on the package. Taking more than you need could lead to magnesium sulfate poisoning.
Remember that everyone’s magnesium needs are different. You may need more or less than the recommended dose, depending on how your body reacts and what exactly you are using it for.

Epsom salts for feet

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Carrefour epsom salts

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Magnesium sulfate

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